Texas Parent to Parent provides support, information, and education for families of children of all ages who have disabilities or chronic illness.

"Having a child with special health care needs is a life-altering experience... but with the support of another parent we begin to see through the cracks and find joy in places we never could have imagined. Our journey continues, but this time we feel we will survive because we know another parent who has."

Important Information

You can stay updated with what’s happening with COVID-19 in Texas on the following websites:
Texas Department of State Health Services

Texas Parent to Parent has been working remotely since March 17 in order to make sure our staff and their families can stay healthy due to the pandemic crisis we find ourselves in. However, we are still working – our phone messages are being forwarded to us and we are still getting our emails. To contact the Family Support Program, dial 737-484-9044; for Pathways to Adulthood Program, dial 737-484-9045. If you don’t know who to contact, just send an email to info@txp2p.org and we’ll get back to as quickly as we can.

Peer support is very popular these days but parent-to-parent programs have been using peer support since the 1970’s. Sharing experiences with other parents is the key to what Texas Parent to Parent (TxP2P) does and has been proven to help families. Our services and programs are all family-centered in order to provide support, information, and education to as many families as we can.

The Texas Parent to Parent staff are parents of children with disabilities, chronic illness, or special health care needs. We have also spoken to thousands of families over the years. We are here to help – give us a call at 866-896-6001 or 512-458-8600.

Program Spotlight

Support and Connection: Person Centered Practices During COVID

A Free Training Series for High Risk People and their Support Networks

You are invited to attend an upcoming virtual training series: Support and Connection: Person Centered Practices During COVID. This project is a collaborative partnership between Texas Parent to Parent and The Texas Center for Disability Studies at the University of Texas at Austin, with gratitude to the Money Follows the Person Demonstration grant for funding this project.
Training Participants will learn how to develop a One-Page Profile, a visual snap shot of what is important to the person, their support needs and an overview of specific medical information. The information from the One-Page Profile is intended to provide an immediate overview about a person for medical professionals in the event of an emergency hospitalization resulting from COVID-19.
Speakers will present two trainings on a specific topic. Karyn Harvey will speak on Trauma and Coping Skills first, on December 1 & 8.
During the next four trainings, participants will hear from two more speakers and will learn how to develop a One-Page Profile for a person they support. Participants will have access to a blank One-Page Profile and encouraged to develop one themselves. During the second session of each speaker’s session, participants will be encouraged to attend to share their One-Page Profiles. Speakers will be available to provide feedback and respond to questions.
Randy Consford will speak about a profile for a person with mental health concerns on December 9th with the follow-up session on December 16. Shelbi Davenport will speak about a self-advocate’s one-page profile on December 14 with the follow-up session on December 17.
Attendees are not required to participate in the first session to attend the second session.

Karyn Harvey: Trauma and Coping Skills (presented twice) December 1 & 8
Randy Consford: Mental Health and Preparing for COVID 19 – Creating a One-Page Profile followed by the work session to create your profile for your loved one. December 9 & 16
Shelbi Davenport: Supporting People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities – Creating a One-Page Profile followed by the work session to create your profile for your loved one or helping them do it. December 14 & 17.
This engaging 6-part series begins Dec. 1, 2020, and ends Dec. 17, 2020. For a schedule of webinar events, speaker bios, and registration information please go to: https://disabilitystudies.utexas.edu/PersonCenteredSupport
For questions or accommodations, please email, Cynda.green@txp2p.org.

TxP2P Care Notebook - A Care Notebook is an organizing tool that is particularly useful for parents. Use it to keep track of important information about your child’s health care, education, or transition.

Medical Home Toolkit- A medical home is not a building, house, hospital, or home healthcare service, but rather a family-centered approach to providing comprehensive primary care. The Medical Home Toolkit explains what a medical home is and how to get one.

TxP2P is funded by Texas Department of State Health Services’ Children with Special Health Care Needs Program Contract, Federal Maternal Child Health Bureau Family to Family Health Information Center Grant, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, and private grants and donations.

Please check out these two websites

TxP2P helped with both of these sites, and we feel they can be very helpful to a new parent or a parent new to an issue around their child. We especially recommend looking at the videos:

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