Texas Parent to Parent


To volunteer to help other families new to a disability or issue around their child’s situation or to help Texas Parent to Parent grow and prosper, we encourage you to learn more about each volunteer role first. Once you decide on a particular role, begin the process by completing one of these online registration forms: Peer Parent Mentor Application or Operations Volunteer Application. A staff member will be in contact shortly thereafter, and will let you know of upcoming training dates in your area. For more information, email us volunteer@TxP2P.org or call 512-458-8600 or toll-free 866-896-6001.We look forward to working with you.

Direct Service to Families  (Training required)

Supporting Peer Parent Mentors

Parents or family members with a child or young adult who has special health care needs are uniquely suited to helping others who have a child with similar needs and are new to this journey. Supporting Parent Mentors provide emotional support, information, and guidance to fellow parents to help them better care for their children and themselves. Time commitments vary and mentoring is usually done over the phone or via email. You can decide when and how often you would like to be matched with another parent who needs help. A training is also provided to hone your helping skills, teach active listening, and provide extensive information on local resources.

MEd. Program Mentors

Parents with a child with special health care needs are essential to the success of our MEd. Program, which trains pediatric and family practice residents. These parents serve as Family Faculty for medical residents so they can better understand how complex treatment regimens play out for a family. The goal of the program is to give medical professionals a comprehensive understanding of life for a family of a child with chronic illness or disability, and to teach them the skills they need to work in partnership with the family to provide high quality care. MEd. programs are established in Austin, Temple, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Amarillo with more sites in the works.

NICU Network Mentors

TxP2P NICU Network is a support program for parents of infants and children who started life in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). This program matches parents with a trained parent volunteer who has experienced a similar journey and can quickly help them connect with needed resources and services.
A training is also provided to hone your helping skills, teach active listening, and provide extensive information on local resources. More information is included in the NICU Recruitment Flyer, which is available in English and Spanish.

Advocacy Network Mentors

TxP2P Advocacy Network volunteers will receive an initial training (expenses covered) and then continuing education via on-going conference calls and webinars, along with monthly reminders via our Adopt-a-Legislator listserv. If you are interested in joining the Advocacy Network, please fill out the registration form and we will contact you shortly.

Other Volunteer Opportunities (Use the Operational Volunteers Form for these Opportunities)

Texas Parent to Parent has a number of other volunteer opportunities for parents and others who wish to advance the mission of the organization. The following is a list of potential volunteer roles available.

  • Join the Board of Directors
  • Join a Board of Directors Committee (Programs & Services, Development, or Vine to Wine)
  • Data entry (only if in the Austin area)
  • Operations/administrative support
  • Conference logistics and promotion (only if in the Austin area)
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Graphic design
  • Fundraising
  • Grant writing