Texas Parent to Parent

Conference & Training: Annual Regional Conferences

“Every year [we come to the conference] we learn more, and it gets better. I never thought that we would be at the place where we are today. Even though we have a lot of bad days, we have a lot of good days. We know what to do now. We know that every day is going to be different, but it is going to be okay. At the beginning, I think we didn’t know whether it was going to be okay or not. Now we know that there is so much out there. We are able to talk to other parents, so we know that we are on the same page with them. We know that it isn’t just us going through these things…”

-Monica Castillo, Parent

Our annual regional parent conferences are a collaboration between Texas Parent to Parent, local parent groups, a statewide advocacy group and a school district. Regional parent conferences are one-day events offering attendees a variety of breakout sessions, child care and outstanding resource fairs with some pretty terrific exhibitors.

Currently, we offer 3 regional parent conferences for parents and professionals: Tarrent County in the spring, Rio Grande Valley in the fall, and in East Texas in late winter.


Our speakers are the foundation of our conference - without our speakers, both parents and professionals, donating their time and travel expenses, our conference would not happen. We will be accepting Speaker Proposals 1-day conferences. If you have any questions about being a speaker, please send an email to Speaker@TxP2P.org.


Sponsors partner with TxP2P in order to improve our conference programming and outreach so that more parents will receive the knowledge and assistance they need to effectively advocate on behalf of their children. Earn recognition for your organization and help Texas families at the same time. Sponsorships are available at a variety of levels, and each comes with recognition options. Drop us an email at Sponsor@TxP2P.org or visit our regional sponsorship pages at North Texas - Hurst, South Texas - Port Isabel, or East Texas - Tyler.


TxP2P anticipates that more between 100-200 parents and professionals will attend the 1-day conferences this year. If interested contact Exhibitor@TxP2P.org